Our Story

Here at Returning Hope, Inc, we’re committed to our communities education on domestic violence. Returning Hope was born when our founder Angelina Rosado who was born and raised in the Lower East Side found herself at the age of 15 in a domestic violence relationship without knowing. After 8 years she was able to leave and never look back. That was when she began to get educated on domestic violence. Thought out her time of getting educated she came to the realization that domestic violence isn't talked about in her community and believed had that conversation been had she wouldn't have been in an abusive relationship. She knew that if it wasn't already being done it probably would never so she took on that responsibility. She started in her community going to local organizations, schools, and event to bring awareness to domestic violence. Now Returning Hope runs an online domestic violence support group with over 600 members throughout the world. Returning Hope is involved in many projects in nyc that bring awareness to domestic violence and we have no plans to stop.

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